The "Self & Match" System

I would like to share a useful system I have personally used for the behavioral growth of students with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional Disturbance. Co-created by Katie Croce as well as my friend and co-worker, Jamie Salter. As an Educational Psychologist, I am always on the lookout for class-wide and individual behavior modification programs that are designed to benefit a wide range of needs. It is a rare occurrence that I come across such a detailed, heavily researched, yet flexible behavior system. I am lucky enough to work in the same District as Jamie, allowing me to be one of the first Educators fully trained in Self & Match. With workshops popping up everywhere and their manual now available online, I HAD to share this gem with all my behavior psychs and behaviorally centered educators out there. 

The "Self & Match" system is an evidence-based self-monitoring intervention that is firmly grounded in principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. What is so unique about this system is that students learn to rate their own behavior and are rewarded both for honesty and for demonstrating appropriate behaviors. Additionally, I have been able to align Self & Match directly to my student’s behavior goals and use it as the primary data tracking tool for these goals. 

Jamie Salter & Katie Croce 

I would HIGHLY recommend visiting their website, attending a workshop, and purchasing a manual!!!


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